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Light fields – the future of VR-AR-MR

May 26 2015

Lightfields : the future of VR-AR-MR ?

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The Foundry sold – but not to Adobe

May 20 2015

The Foundry sells, and we speak directly with Bill Collis. read more...

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The Art of Digital Color

Aug 23 2011

As part of our famous 'Art of' series we present: the Art of Digital Color. Color management and color workflows have evolved over many years. In this article we will trace from Cineon to Scene Referred Linear OpenEXR format. read more...

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State of VR

by Mike Seymour

An overview of VR announcements at GDC, including Weta Digital and EPIC Games' Hobbit experience with Smaug. read more...

Faceware: taking a test drive

by Mike Seymour

Faceware is a streamlined effective face pipeline solution used from serious games such as "Call of Duty" to previs. In the lead up to GDC we donned the helmet to test the system. read more...

ILM at the Oscars

by Mike Seymour

Rounding out our series we look at the two Sci-Tech Oscars awarded to ILM and their technical partners, and go backstage at the Sci-Tech Awards in LA. read more...