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The secrets behind SpongeBob’s live action scenes

Feb 26 2015

How Iloura crafted 3D characters to match the 2D world of SpongeBob SquarePants. Plus EXCLUSIVE breakdown images. read more...

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So what was Ian Hunter doing behind Paul Franklin at the Oscars?

Feb 23 2015

When Paul started to speak at the Oscars...we could not help but notice Ian doing something behind him...but what was so important?? read more...

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Matte Painting Part 4: future of matte painting

Mar 06 2006

This week in the final part of our series on Matte Painting we talk to Alp Altiner. Alp is a traditional matte painter who now bridges the world between 2D matte painting and 3D digital environments. Increasingly matte paintings are used using simple 3D to read more...

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