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How 3D printing glitches inspired these Doctor Who effects

Oct 22 2014

How 3D printing gone wrong and sea slugs inspired the visual effects in the latest Doctor Who episode. read more...

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Techno Image’s Trojan trip

Oct 23 2014

Find out how Techo Image made the Trojan Horse was a Unicorn ident. read more...

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Art of Tracking Part 2: Tips & Apps Overview

Sep 09 2004

In part 2 of the Art of Tracking series, we take a look at the various software applications for 2D and 3D tracking. The software developers of these apps give us some technical insight as well as tips and suggestions how to get great tracks. read more...

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ftrack debuts V3 at SIGGRAPH

by John Montgomery

ftrack will be revealing version 3 of their software at SIGGRAPH next week and we have a sneak peek at the new features. We also take a look a the history of ftrack as well as check in with some of their users. read more...

Voodoo magic

by Mike Seymour

We go behind the scenes of Rhythm & Hues' Sci-Tech winning animation framework - Voodoo - with exclusive new demo videos. read more...