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Interstellar: inside the black art

Nov 18 2014

How Double Negative used cutting edge science for the VFX & visualizations in Interstellar. read more...

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Blackmagic ‘relaunches’ Fusion

Nov 10 2014

It wasn't a question of "if?", but "when?" In move reminicent of Resolve, Blackmagic has released a free Windows version of Fusion and dropped the price of a more feature-rich version to $995. read more...

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Matte Painting Part 2: The Tools

Feb 06 2006

Matte painting is a very broad term covering from using Photoshop, creating a Stitcher panorama, to developing full digital environments. In our continuing series on matte paintings we talk to Gerhard Mozsi, a concept artist and matte painter working in the gaming industry. We read more...

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