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Flame 2015: New Features and a New Family

Apr 10 2014

Flame 2015 and Smoke 2015 were introduced at NAB this week - here's fxguide's rundown of the new releases. read more...

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VFX in TVCs: amazing baby and amazing SUV

Apr 17 2014

Behind the scenes of two recent TVCs for Evian and Nissan with VFX by Mikros Image and Digital Domain. read more...

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The Science of Fluid Sims

Sep 15 2011

In the spirit of our 'Art of' stories we launch today a new style of story - 'The Science of...' In these articles we take a topic and explore the state of the art in that field. We start with Fluid Sims - what are read more...

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Another big Visual Effects business news day

by Jeff Heusser

The MPAA wants trade courts to consider the use of electronic means to distribute intellectual property to be treated the same as physical goods, LA City Council hears testimony, Life After Pi has been released and ADAPT is announced. read more...