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Rodeo helps Birdman soar with invisible fx

Oct 28 2014

How Rodeo FX helped the Birdman filmmakers construct seamless shots and get inside the mind of Michael Keaton. read more...

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It is your Destiny

Oct 26 2014

Prologue details how they made the opening cinematic for Destiny. read more...

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The Tech Behind the Tools of Avatar Part 1: Ocula

Mar 03 2010

Ocula is at the very heart of the new post-production tools that have emerged to deal with stereo. Nuke and Ocula were used extensively on Avatar, and we explore the lessons learned with Simon Robinson, Chief Scientist of the Foundry. Ocula, in particular, is a read more...

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ftrack debuts V3 at SIGGRAPH

by John Montgomery

ftrack will be revealing version 3 of their software at SIGGRAPH next week and we have a sneak peek at the new features. We also take a look a the history of ftrack as well as check in with some of their users. read more...

Voodoo magic

by Mike Seymour

We go behind the scenes of Rhythm & Hues' Sci-Tech winning animation framework - Voodoo - with exclusive new demo videos. read more...