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SIGGRAPH 2015 – what not to miss

Jul 28 2015

A preview of SIGGRAPH 2015 in LA - all the best talks and presentations. read more...

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Before there was Pixels, there was Pixels

Jul 28 2015

The director behind the Pixels short film that inspired the Pixels feature film shares his story - and behind the scenes pics. read more...

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Art of Optical Flow

Feb 28 2006

In our latest story in our series of "Art of stories", we explore the Art of Optical Flow. Optical flow is one of the most interesting growth areas of visual effects technology. We talk to the people that invented it, developed it and used read more...

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Business models for VFX

by Mike Seymour

Continuing the discussion about new business models for the VFX industry - FMX hosted an illuminating look at how studios see vfx and how VFX should look at animation companies. read more...