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Surviving San Andreas

Jun 19 2015

Destruction sims, tsunamis and 20 million pieces of floating debris - the VFX of San Andreas. read more...

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News from E3: new games, Minecraft HoloLens + more

Jun 15 2015

There's a ton of new games and announcements happening right now at E3 2015 - here's just a few that caught our eye at fxguide. read more...

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Director: Deathly Hallows Animation

Jan 07 2011

One aspect of HP7 part 1 continuing to receive an incredible amount of praise is the animated 'Tale of the Three Brothers' sub-story directed by Ben Hibon and executed by Framestore. fxInsider talks to Hibon how he approached the sequence and making it fit into read more...

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State of VR

by Mike Seymour

An overview of VR announcements at GDC, including Weta Digital and EPIC Games' Hobbit experience with Smaug. read more...

Faceware: taking a test drive

by Mike Seymour

Faceware is a streamlined effective face pipeline solution used from serious games such as "Call of Duty" to previs. In the lead up to GDC we donned the helmet to test the system. read more...

ILM at the Oscars

by Mike Seymour

Rounding out our series we look at the two Sci-Tech Oscars awarded to ILM and their technical partners, and go backstage at the Sci-Tech Awards in LA. read more...