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SIGGRAPH 2015 – what not to miss

Jul 28 2015

A preview of SIGGRAPH 2015 in LA - all the best talks and presentations. read more...

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Before there was Pixels, there was Pixels

Jul 28 2015

The director behind the Pixels short film that inspired the Pixels feature film shares his story - and behind the scenes pics. read more...

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Art of HDR

Aug 04 2005

It is hard to believe that Paul Debevec published his PhD just ten years ago. His work in defining high dynamic range images (HDRi) was almost immediately adopted by the major effects companies and expanded into one of the most significant visual effects areas of read more...

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ftrack 3.2 revealed at NAB

by John Montgomery

ftrack has announced that they will be releasing version 3.2 of its software this summer. New features include Nuke Studio integration, Actions, chat features, and release of their updated API. read more...

MODO 901: exclusive tech sneak peek

by Mike Seymour

MODO 901 will be released in a few months but fxguide visited The Foundry yesterday in LA for an exclusive sneak peek of new Render Tech (*this is on top of The Foundry's own feature leaks today!) read more...