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Futurescapes – building Tomorrowland

May 24 2015

From a jetpack fly-through to the six minute one-shot walk-through - how key scenes in Brad Bird's Tomorrowland were created. read more...

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The Foundry sold – but not to Adobe

May 20 2015

The Foundry sells, and we speak directly with Bill Collis. read more...

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Art of Optical Flow

Feb 28 2006

In our latest story in our series of "Art of stories", we explore the Art of Optical Flow. Optical flow is one of the most interesting growth areas of visual effects technology. We talk to the people that invented it, developed it and used read more...

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Sci-Tech winners: UCAP & MOVA

by Mike Seymour

Continuing our series we look at Universal Capture and MOVA face capture which both been award prestigious Sci-Tech awards at this years Oscars. (We also comment on the latest controversy). read more...

Facing Second Son

by Mike Seymour

Nominated for a VES award mainly for its amazing particle animations, we look at the brilliant face work and animation in the blockbuster PS4 gaming hit: inFAMOUS: Second Son read more...