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Legend or truth: the VFX of Hercules

Jul 28 2014

From fantastical creatures to sprawling battles - fxguide looks at the visual effects of Hercules. read more...

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Inside RealFlow 2014

Jul 27 2014

A run-down of RealFlow 2014 with Lumiere Studios' technical director Duncan Lees. read more...

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One Man Against Attila the Hun

Feb 04 2008

Every once in a while we get a story at fxguide that indicates just how far and how fast the industry is moving. The post on Attila the Hun, directed by Gareth Edwards, is one of those stories. Edwards produced the 250 HD effects shots read more...

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Foundry NAB live stream

by John Montgomery

fxguide won't be doing live streaming from NAB this year, but The Foundry will be doing two live streams from the show: an "exclusive announcement" on Monday and four hours of streaming from the booth on Tuesday. read more...