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State of VR

Mar 04 2015

An overview of VR announcements at GDC, including Weta Digital and EPIC Games' Hobbit experience with Smaug. read more...

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Shotgun – now with RV – becomes way more affordable

Mar 02 2015

Shotgun has announced a huge price reduction as well as revealed that they will be bundling RV with no additional charge for all customers starting in April. read more...

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X-Men: Extreme Makeover

Jun 12 2006

In this week's podcast we talk to Greg Strause, of Lola and Hydraulx and John Bruno visual effects supervisor of X-Men, about the amazing 25 year digital facelifts in X-Men: The Last Stand. We are also joined in our companion written story by Eric Saindon read more...

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Blackmagic ‘relaunches’ Fusion

by John Montgomery

It wasn't a question of "if?", but "when?" In move reminicent of Resolve, Blackmagic has released a free Windows version of Fusion and dropped the price of a more feature-rich version to $995. read more...