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God Only Knows how they did it

Oct 20 2014

Go behind the scenes of the BBC's 'God Only Knows' promo with befores and afters and on-set photos showcasing The Mill's incredible and invisible visual effects. read more...

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fxinsider: full audio interview with Richard Edlund

Oct 14 2014

For our valued fxinsider members we have a special full-length interview with Richard Edlund, who discusses Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones, Multiplicity and his current role at The Academy. read more...

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Art of Tracking Part 2: Tips & Apps Overview

Sep 09 2004

In part 2 of the Art of Tracking series, we take a look at the various software applications for 2D and 3D tracking. The software developers of these apps give us some technical insight as well as tips and suggestions how to get great tracks. read more...

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Autodesk riding Shotgun

by John Montgomery

Autodesk announced that they have acquired Shotgun Software, creators of the the production tracking, asset management, and review pipeline tool used in over 500 facilities around the world. We examine the news to reveal why this is a win for the companies as well as their customers. read more...