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Life on Mars: the VFX of The Martian

Oct 05 2015

With a short schedule, the VFX crew on The Martian pulled out all stops, taking advantage of previs, techvis, simulcam, specialty NUKE setups, GoPros and more. read more...

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Limitless goes on a trip to the small screen

Sep 28 2015

Limitless comes to TV, and with a host of unique visual effects work. read more...

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Art of Digital 3D Stereoscopic Film

Mar 25 2008

From U2 to Hanna Montana. From Beowulf to Journey to the Center of the Earth. 3D is hot once again. One of the strongest trends in visual effects films today is stereoscopic capture, post production and projection. Technology is catching up just when theatre owners read more...

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by Mike Seymour

The DreamSpace Eu project is looking to partner industry and academics in advancing virtual production. read more...