This week we talk to software developer Paul Miller who has contributed to VFX packages such as Elastic Reality, Toxik, Tiffen Dfx, various plugins and now on Silhouette.


Above: see the 1994 NAB demo video for Elastic Reality.


Above: see the 1995 NAB demo video for Elastic Reality.


Above: watch a teaser video for Silhouette V5.

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5 Responses to fxpodcast #265: Paul Miller on creating VFX software

  1. Hello Mike, yes he is really digging in your history & knowledge :-) Mike Seymour.Great podcast, Silhouette is a awesome software with great paint system.
    Thanks Mike Seymour

    Posted by Abhimanyu Tanwar on
  2. Having also started out on the Amiga and been on both sides of the fence as demo artist and end user of products, I found this cast very interesting and nostalgic. Thanks guys!

    Posted by alexudell on

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