We are sad to report that Visual Effects Supervisor Peter Donen has passed away...

Peter Donen died of heart failure while completing work on the film "Ladder 49". Peter, 50, was Visual Effects Supervisor on such films as "The Bourne Identity", "The Gift", "U-571", "L.A. Confidential", and the recent hit remake of "Freaky Friday" (see a more complete list of films Peter worked on using the IMDB link below). I had the pleasure of briefly working with Peter on the 1996 film "Executive Decison".

Peter was the son of Director Stanley Donen. Peter is survived by his mother, Marion Wagner - sister, Katie Wagner - stepfather, Robert Wagner and younger brothers, Mark and Josh Donen (CAA).

There is a very nice article in the Hollywood reporter by Sheigh Crabtree.

Visual Effects Society Memoriam

Peter Donen IMDB entry

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