MovieEditor is running a Linux Conference at Siggraph on the 3rd of August. Most of the major studios use Linux, including DreamWorks with more than 1,500 Linux desktops and 3,500 Linux servers. The MovieEditor Conference is an all-day event on computer-based filmmaking in downtown Los Angeles. Studio technology chiefs and other experts discuss ongoing work using Linux in feature animation and visual effects.

MovieEditor Conference 2005 Los Angeles

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2005
8:30am to 4pm

The MovieEditor Conference is an all-day event on computer-based filmmaking.
Speakers from
-Pixar, and
-the South Park TV show.
Also Maya, SoftImage, Houdini, Shake, NUKE, and more. At the elegant 5-star The Palm Restaurant one block from the Los Angeles Convention Center. All-day event includes seminars, panels, breakfast and lunch at the incredibly low price of $59. On Wednesday, August 3rd, from 8:30am to 4pm. Sign up online at

Who Should Attend

Motion picture technologists
Linux and Macintosh enthusiasts
Enterprise IT specialists
Agenda and Speakers

8:30 Continental Breakfast
8:45 Robin Rowe - - opening remarks

9:00 Disney Technology Manager Jeff Rochlin - Mickey's LAIR

Disney animation uses an internally developed system called LAIR to manage LINUX distributions across the entire enterprise. One of the customizations they deploy is a Linux 32-bit kernel patched for 4GB RAM access instead of the typical 3GB x86 limit.

9:45 DreamWorks Animation Senior Technologist Skottie Miller - Managing Renderfarms
DreamWorks has one of the world's largest animation renderfarms with more than 3,500 processors spread across multiple sites.

10:30 SOUTH PARK Technology Supervisor JJ Franzen - Mac desktops with Linux servers for television and HDTV
SOUTH PARK has a Linux renderfarm and recently converted from Windows to Mac desktops. Although Linux is common in feature animation, SOUTH PARK is one of the few to use it for television. Many have suggested that BSD-based Mac OS X will play a larger role in studios because of its compatibility with Linux, and SOUTH PARK is leading the way. SOUTH PARK continues to innovate as they convert to HDTV production.

11:15 Library of Congress Motion Picture Conservation Center Lab Supervisor Frank Wylie - Film Restoration
The Library of Congress has the largest motion picture collection in the world, including more than 100 million feet of nitrate film. A new scanner technology is enabling the Library of Congress to digitally recover film that was previously considered too deteriorated to save.

12:00 Served plate lunch

1:00 Adobe Systems Color Technology Manager and ICC Digital Motion Picture Working Group Chairman Lars Borg - Color Management
Color management in digital motion picture production based on International Color Consortium standards is a technical approach to setting and holding consistent color fidelity. Most studios today grade color by eye to try to correct problems afterwards because the tools to hold color consistent throughout the production pipeline are just emerging.

1:30 Pixar Director of Computer Operations Greg Brandeau - Standard Linux
Motion picture studios are collaborating on big projects more than ever before as the scale of productions continues increasing while schedules get shorter. Historically, transferring work on film worked smoothly because of a standard of 35mm. The many varieties of Linux present challenges to working together in the digital film age.

2:00 Linux 3d Filmmaking Panel - Invited Toolmakers
Alias Maya - General Manager of Maya Engineering Kevin Tureski
NVIDIA Gelato - NVIDIA Digital Film Support Philip Nemec
mental images mental ray - LAmrUG Leader Bart Gawboy
Pixar RenderMan - Director of Computer Operations Greg Brandeau
SoftImage SoftImage|XSI - Special Projects Senior Consultant Javier von der Pahlen
Side Effects Software Houdini - CTO Dr. Paul Salvini

2:50 Afternoon Snack

3:00 Linux Compositing Panel - Invited Toolmakers
Apple Shake - Shake Product Designer Ron Brinkman
D2 Nuke - VFX Supervisor Jonathan Egstad
Discreet Flint and Smoke - Director of Product Management Bill Roberts
IFX Piranha - President Tom Benoist
Imagineer Systems Monet - Managing Director Allan Jaenicke
UCLA Image Processing R&D - Dean Tony Chan

4:00 Closing remarks


There is also a special event

Special Cinepaint Event!
CinePaint Birds-of-a-Feather Meeting at SIGGRAPH
Los Angeles Convention Center, Room 506
Tuesday, August 2nd, 4pm-5pm
Open to All SIGGRAPH Attendees

Neither of these events are fxguide events, but fxguide LLC, is a promotional partner of the linux conference

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