thanks to the tens and tens of thousands of our readers who downloaded our ibook. It has now been removed from the ibook store. We hope you enjoyed your Christmas present !


For Lord of the Rings fans around the globe, a new era of excitement is about to unfold – the arrival of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

To find out how the filmmakers returned to Middle-earth, fxguide is proud to have produced an exceptional ebook which is free to download. The Craft of The Hobbit, An Unexpected Journey iBook was made by fxguide as part of Warner Bros. Pictures’ ‘For Your Consideration’ Awards campaign, focused on all the craft categories from visual effects to cinematography in the lead up to next February’s Academy Awards.

An entire team from fxguide spent over a week in Wellington, New Zealand with the film makers ofΒ The Hobbit trilogy, recording for exclusive interviews with people such as Joe Letteri, Andy Serkis, Richard Taylor, Andrew Lesnie ASC, ACS – Β in fact we did over 30 interviews with the film makers.

Inside the iBook you can explore how Peter Jackson and his close team of collaborators crafted the film’s new worlds for Bilbo Baggins’ journey with written pieces, videos, exclusive making ofs and interactive 360 turntables.

There are first-hand looks at the visual effects, art direction, cinematography, costume design, makeup effects, editing and sound design behind the film. All these exclusive behind the scenes interviews, interactive elements, galleries, character turntables and effects breakdowns are yours to download –Β  over a gigabyte of content.Β The iBook is a free download from Apple’s iTunes Store.

(but note – the iBook contains spoilers!)

Also check out our online in-depth visual effects coverage of An Unexpected Journey here on fxguide, with our special comprehensive written article, fxguidetv episode and podcasts.

We hope you enjoy this new move by fxguide into epublishing and we welcome your thoughts and feedback.


Thanks so much for reading our article.

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26 Responses to The Hobbit: Exclusive 85 page iBook by fxguide (now closed)

  1. Looks great, any chance of an Android of PDF version?

    Posted by Mark Wilcox on
  2. thanks πŸ™‚

    Posted by Amid Rajabi on
  3. No international love on this one? The ibook is only available in US store (or at least not available in Ukrainian one)

    Posted by Igor Ryabchuk on
    • Yeah. Another vote for an international version!

      Posted by Raveen Rajadorai on
  4. please find an alternative to ibooks and itunes distribution in the future so we can all enjoy

    Posted by alex on
  5. Thanks so much, fantastic early Christmas present!

    And let me take this opportunity to say thanks for an amazing year of VFX coming out of fxguide. Looking forward to 2013!

    Posted by Matt Leonard on
    • Yeap … Great year of FXGUIDE …

      Posted by Amid Rajabi on
  6. Haven’t seen it on the Canada’s store yet. So is this FXguide’s official stance/opinion on the Oscars?

    Posted by Colin Riley on
    • I have been told it is in the Canadian store…
      And this is not an official stance on the Oscars –
      We loved a bunch of films this year.. we just worked with Warners and Weta to produce this for Oscar season ..
      we thought you might like it.
      Before the Oscars we also have exclusive content on Dark Knight Rises and Avengers and more….
      All good πŸ™‚
      Happy Christmas / Happy Holidays

      Posted by Mike Seymour on
      • I hear ya,


        Posted by Colin Riley on
  7. Wow great stuff, really appreciate it.
    Happy holidays and can’t wait to see what fxguide has in store for 2013

    Posted by Ivor Ribeiro Da Silva on
  8. Happy Holidays .. Great work this year !! Thanks

    Looking forward to 2013

    Posted by jose herrera on
  9. I hope that this is available in South Korea, too!

    Posted by Daehwan on
  10. Android here too πŸ™

    Posted by paul_round on
  11. Just a huge thanks to those of you who downloaded the ibook and who have then emailed or posted comments. We really appreciate the feedback – I hope you have found all the easter eggs !

    Posted by Mike Seymour on
  12. Not for india??? πŸ™ πŸ™

    Posted by Jishnu Dev on
  13. Unfortunately, iTunes store is not available in Serbia, and it will not be for a long time.

    Is there any other way that i can get my hands on some kind of a copy or download link. Being a student of camera and photography, this article (and many others from fxguide) is very useful for me and my collegues.

    Thank you for years and years of great stuff! πŸ™‚

    Posted by Nikola Vucenovic on
  14. iSO iis ithis ithe ifuture? I this and I that ? iterriable..

    Posted by jay parker on
    • There are huge HUGE numbers of iPads so yes we thought an ipad ibook was a great idea, but clearly some people like our videos, some our audio podcasts, some our written stories and some will like our ibook. I understand from your comment you dont like this – but I would respectfully point out it is free ! πŸ™‚
      But Jay thanks for the comment – we love getting feedback good or bad.


      Posted by Mike Seymour on
      • Hey, Mike. From my point of view, it’s not about not liking the ibook, it’s not being able to read the thing that is frustrating, especially because it is free. I listened, read and watched every single thing FXG posted in last years, and becouse i liked them, i want to read the ibook. The thing is that i can’t read it becouse of country i am living in, or product i can’t use to its fullest.

        This is not a complaint, just a feedback.

        Posted by Nikola Vucenovic on
  15. I’m reading the older comments and noticing that the iBook still needs time to be distributed to other countries. I live in the US and it is not available for me also. Where is it actually available? Is it only available to readers in New Zealand? Any information is appreciated because I would not want to miss out on this inside look to a visual compelling movie.



    Posted by Natalie Asport on
  16. Sorry Natalie – We just removed the ibook.
    It is no longer available, I hope everyone who wanted it downloaded it.
    This was our agreement with Warners. And may I take this chance to thank Warners and Weta for a wonderful experience.


    Posted by Mike Seymour on
    • Aw alright, thank you. Maybe next time!

      Posted by Natalie Asport on

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