This year fxguide will be attending VIEW Conference in Italy for the first time – and it looks to be a fantastic event full of presentations on recent films, games and other VFX projects. Here’s our preview.

VIEW, now in its 16th year, takes place on 19-23 October in Torinoincontra, Turin, Italy – which certainly doesn’t sound like a bad place for a computer graphics, gaming and effects conference. But what’s so inviting about VIEW is the diversity of talks, speakers and events during the five days.

Last year's VIEW Conference included presentations on The LEGO Movie.
Last year’s VIEW Conference included presentations on The LEGO Movie.

There are big-name films and projects being discussed, including Blue Sky Studio’s The Peanuts Movie, Sony’s Hotel Transylvania 2, DreamWorks Animation’s Kung Fu Panda 3 and Home, Aardman’s Shaun the Sheep and Pixar’s Inside Out.

Then there’s also a raft of visual effects presentations, such as Jurassic Park from ILM plus on ILM’s 40th anniversary, Age of Ultron, Pixels, Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb and the work of Laika.

But it doesn’t stop there. A retrospective on PDI will be one of the highlights – as will impressive keynotes from Mark Osborne, director of The Little Prince and Jorge R. Gutierrez, director of The Book of Life.

Interested in games? That’s at VIEW, too. Henry LaBounta, an animation and VFX veteran, and now the Chief Visual Officer at Zynga, will be talking. The team from NaturalMotion Games will present on CSR 2 and Dawn of the Titans.

Mark Osborne, director of The Little Prince, will deliver a keynote.
Mark Osborne, director of The Little Prince, will deliver a keynote.

What about sound? VIEW has that covered, with a keynote from Skywalker Sound’s Randy Thom whose talk will be on ‘Teaching the Camera to Listen: From Apocalypse Now to The Peanuts Movie.’

Another feature of VIEW is the Workshops. Here you can learn more about game visuals from Henry LaBounta, while other workshops will run through storyboarding, photography, multiplayer gaming, 3D texturing, color scripts and even comedy and morality.

There’s so much else going on during VIEW, too – a Job Fair will be part of the action, as well as the VIEW AWARD which encompasses student and non-student work (there’s still time to enter the VIEW AWARD, by the way – you have until September 15th).

Attendees make their way into VIEW.
Attendees make their way into VIEW in 2014.

We would suggest exploring all the talks yourself, but here’s just a selection of the varied speakers at VIEW this year.

Mark Osborne, director of Kung Fu Panda and The Little Prince.

Randy Thom, director of sound at LucasFilm’s Skywalker Sound.

Jorge R. Gutierrez, director of The Book of Life and the TV series El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera.

Shannon Tindle, director of the Google Spotlight Story ‘On Ice’, which is presented in 360 degrees.

Scott Carroll, supervising animator from Blue Sky Studios on The Peanuts Movie.

VIEW's website - lots of nice background info on the speakers, and about how to get to the conference, where to stay etc.
VIEW’s website – lots of nice background info on the speakers, and about how to get to the conference, where to stay etc.

Henry LaBounta, chief visual officer at Zynga.

Steve Emersen, visual effects supervisor at Laika.

Michael Kurinsky, production designer on Sony Pictures Animation’s Hotel Transylvania 2.

Alessandro Carloni, director of Kung Fu Panda 3.

Glenn McIntosh, ILM animation supervisor on Jurassic World.

Jason Reisig, head of character animation on DreamWorks Animation’s Home.

Ben Snow, Lorne Peterson and Tim Alexander from ILM, who will celebrate the studio’s 40th anniversary.

Kim White, director of photography at Pixar on Inside Out.

Richard Starzak and Paul Kewley, from Aardman Studios on Shaun the Sheep.

Christopher Townsend, visual effects supervisor for Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Daniel Kramer, visual effects supervisor from Sony Pictures Imageworks on Pixels.

Erik Nash, visual effects supervisor from MPC on Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb.

Michael Rubin, Senior Innovator at Creative Technologies Lab with Adobe Systems who will talk about ‘Group F/64, Modernism and Photography Today.’

Glenn Entis, co-founder of Pacifc Data Images (PDI) who will look at the history of the studio.

David Misch, author and comedian who will look at ‘The Painful Relationship Between Humor and Horror.’

Jinko Gotoh from Women in Animation on the state of play of women studying and working in animation.

Dale Herigstad, Emmy winner and co-founder of SeeSpace, who will explore ‘Spatial Interaction: Navigation Beyond the Screen’.

Ben Brudenell, Game Art Director at Natural Motion on Dawn of Titans.

Scott Harber and Harvey Parker from NaturalMotion Games on CSR 2.

Marco Mazzaglia, IT Manager and Video Game Evangelist from Ovosonico.

For information about passes to VIEW and on pricing, check out the VIEW website. And remember if you see us over there, please say hi – we’d love to catch up with fxguide readers and fxphd members.

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