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26th August 2011, 12:00

MPC are currently looking to recruit Mid Level Lighting TD\'s to work on various projects on short term contracts.


• Light and render CG elements to match live action footage using MPC\'s standardized toolset.
• Manage render scene\'s, elements and assets.
• Composite rendered CG elements and live action for daily progress reviews.
• Technically and creatively maintain consistent shot quality and look for sequences as specified by lighting supervisor and CG supervisor.
• Develop shots in collaboration with shot compositor.
• Deliver renders according to agreed deadlines and schedules and specifications.
• Support lighting lead with technical and creative supervision.
• Support lighting and rendering pipeline for shots and sequences.
• Look development of rendered CG objects across shots and sequences.
• Monitor daily progress together with lead lighting TD and supervisors.
• Maintain daily routines, review processes and development cycles.
• Work with production to create schedules and project targets.
• Reports to lead lighter & supervisors.

Experience and Skills:

• Thorough understanding of techniques and technologies related to CG rendering and compositing.
• Good team leading ability\'s
• Good communication skills.
• Proven experience in leading / managing a team of artists.
• Strong problem solving skills.
• Shading and lighting & rendering terminology.
• Very good understanding of production pipelines.
• Very good knowledge of a renderer such as Mental Ray or Renderman.
• Very good knowledge of a compositing software.
• Proven production experience in a large feature film production environment.
• Thorough understanding of computer graphics and the visual effects process.
• General understanding of linux / unix based operating systems
• Some understanding of programming / software development.
• TCL, MEL, Perl and Python, programming also an advantage.

Salary: Competitive remuneration package
Location: London
Application Closing Date: Ongoing recruitment .

This is an exciting opportunity to work in the dynamic world of visual effects. If you are interested please apply online at: