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    Default Pipeline Workflow for VFX regarding Color Correcting

    I am curious as to how you all handle where in the pipeline the color correction happens?

    Something like this possibly:
    Using LogC footage
    1. Edit Rec709
    2. Color Correct Footage?
    3. Do VFX / Compositing w/Graded Footage or non graded footage?
    4. Color Correct Again?

    I assume you would color correct the footage before going off to Composite in the VFX since you would try to match the VFX color to your footage color?

    How do you all do it?

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    Yeah, that\'s how I like to work:

    comp (use flat passes for keying sometimes, but largely work on top of graded footage)
    possibly grade again

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    I do the shoot->grade(log)->comp&fx->regrade ... and I have been debating shoot->grade(linear)->comp&fx->regrade(log) .

    i think the linear followed by log is a better workflow ... but it\'s easier to screw things up if the entire workflow isn\'t completely controlled. I\'ve also been trying to figure out how to comp r3d with vfx openexr ... to get the cleanest look, haven\'t settled on a \"perfect\" way.
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