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    Default PIXOMONDO Beijing, VFX Supervisor

    VFX Supervisor
    Office: Beijing [China]
    Start Data: asap
    Contract: Fulltime

    Pixomondo is currently recruiting for the Beijing office where we would like to welcome anyone with the right experience to work and train artists in a fresh environment on exceptional feature film, television and commercial productions.


    Responsible for achieving the creative aims of the Director and Producer through the use of visual effects. Leading the VFX Post Production process from conception through to completion and creatively guiding the artists whilst ensuring that clear communication occurs at all times between departments.

    Required skills/knowledge:

    Minimum of 5+ years VFX post-production experience, this must be recent.
    Solid previous experience as CG or 2D Supervisor and most recently VFX Supervisor experience on 2 or 3 major projects.
    Creative eyeand aesthetic judgement with a deep understanding of composition, cinematic design and animation timing.
    Must have an understanding of Directing, Lighting, Camera work, Practical Effects, Camera Gripping, Art Department, Production Design and Props.
    Excellent understanding of composition, light and colour with strong attention to detail.
    On-set supervision experience.
    Ability to work to and meet strict deadlines often under pressure.
    Excellent communication, organisation skills and financial and budget management skills.
    A thorough understanding of the CG & 2D principles and pipeline.
    Proven team leader with strong motivational qualities.
    Technically and creatively astute.
    Highly organized.
    Able to effectively communicate with people at all levels.

    Job Function:

    Understanding the entire production process and approving the work of all crew on the show.
    Verifying technical solutions proposed by crew members.
    Working closely with film director to develop and interpret their creative vision.
    Briefing entire crew on director’s creative vision and enable artists to produce desired results.
    Communicating with external production companies.
    Coordinating the management of a show and project schedules to ensure that work is delivered to deadlines.
    Managing crew.

    Requirements of the company:

    Good Judgement.
    You are a thinker. You plan ahead, look for the best option and the quickest solution, but not at the detriment of the show, the schedule orthe budget. You make suggestions, and listen to the same.

    Creativity and Curiosity.
    You are smart, but flexible. You are open to considering the other perspective, and sometimes you have the responsibility to come up with it. You do not just do your thing. You are interested in how other people are doing their things too, and how all of those things can be done better.

    You understand that the people you work with are as important as you are, and believe that what is good for the company, and good for the project, are likely what is good for you too. You listen to what other peopleare saying, and understand it. And you communicate well with others in writing and in person because you know you are not alone.

    Courage, Passion, and Honesty.
    You do not do something wrong because you were told to, and are not afraid to speak up respectfully when it is important. We want everything to be the best it can be, and you do too. You take risks and responsibility in proportional measure, and you are reliable. When you say it will be done, it gets done; and when you said it would.

    To Apply for this Position:

    Include your current resume, link to your reel, shot vfx and breakdown.
    Make sure your resume also includes your name, address, phone and email.
    Submit your application with the Subject “VFX Supervisor, BEJ” to [email protected]
    Pleaseno walk in applicants.
    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the address above.
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