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    Smile what monitor color calibration?

    Hi all,
    I need advice on what monitor color calibrator to buy for a small Win PC studio?
    EyeOne Pro, Spyder4,....?

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    Right now we are using Pantone (X-Rite) Huey Pro for monitor calibration. This is small calibrator is only for monitors, so it couldn\'t calibrate projectors. Price is less and quality is perfect.

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    Thank you for your reply. I\'m thinking of going with Xrite to but some people also use spider and I was wondering if anyone is using something else to.

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    Hi, you have to ask yourself what kind of precision and budget you want to reach, it also depends on the model of monitors you use, for example NECs and EIZOs come with their own calibration software. You also have to be careful about the gamut, for example Spyders before the 4 don\'t work wide gamut monitors (they will give you wrong calibration). It\'s also important to remember the cheap probes are designed with presets for generic types of monitors and you might be significantly out of those specs.

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    Default re

    Thanks for the tip on wide gamut monitors. I Wasn\'t aware of that.

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