Hey Wow i have trawled the internet and havnt been able to find anything to help the problem i am having yet...

I have some Red one footage exported from Red CineX with a grade on it. I read this into Nuke and get all the meta data and raw settings so far so good.

However the grade isnt quite the same as it is in Red Cine X.
in Red Cine X im using ...
Color Space: REDcolor
Gamma Space: REDgamma

With the read node in nuke i am getting different defaults when reading in the file.
when i set them the same as in RED Cine X i get a washed out image.
i found this was due to the other Color space setting at the top of the node. it was set to Default Linear. the only way i can get closest to my RED Cine x grade by using a Rec709 color space however its still not right (greens are toned down)

What am i doing wrong what am i missing?
i guess the easy soloution would be to do all the grade in nuke but it doesnt seem to have all the same controls as Red CineX.

Many thanks for your help!