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    Default how to do uv projection with syntheyes to nuke workflow problems!!!

    Hi guys!
    Me and som class mates are having som problems with the syntheyes to nuke workflow to creat clean plates trough uv projections!
    We have done the tracking with syntheyes and alined it correctly inte space, so the track is very god. The we have made a undistorted plate for nuke. After that we exported the syntheyes tracker from syntheyes to nuke. All this was no problem but it is in nuke the problem starts. when we are trying to do the clean plate with the uv projection it starts to slide! I should problebly say that we imported the geometry that we had in syntheyes to maya and seperated them and exported them as objs for us to use with the readgeo node.
    Those objs is what we are projecting on!
    track in syntheyes ----> make undistorted plates----> export both syntheyes track and the mesh as obj-----> seperat mesh in maya and export as seperated obj files----> project uv in nuke on the mesh from maya---> problems!!!!!
    I have posted a picture of the script here!

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    Use UVproject instead project3d.
    Magno Borgo
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