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  1. Question school of vfx in us & europe

    hi my name is Amine
    i\'m from morocco
    and i m attracted to visual effects and compositing
    and i wont study visual effects and compositing in us or in europe
    but the cost of each year of study is the cost of a big house in morocco
    so i m asking if any one know some public schools of vfx in us or in europe
    to send me the web site
    and i hope if i was in the right forum

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    There is a really good VFX School in Vancouver Canada called Lost Boys Studios - School of VFX.

    I have to say in my experience not all school are created equal. I have had several friends that have attended VFX schools ( I will not name names but they are the big players, you know who they are) and wasted a lot of money. Three of those friends transfer to Lost Boys Studios - School of VFX ( after spending too much money on the others school ) and they finally received a good education at Lost Boys and are now working in the industry. I wish I had known so I could have saved them the time and money in the first place. So, if you are looking for a really good VFX school please check them out. Careful bigger doesn\'t always mean better.

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