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    Default Masking effects/ roto help

    Hello. I am an absolute beginner in Nuke and I would really appreciate any help with solving my current dilemma. I have a video of a girl moving out into a garden. I have used a style-frame to bring in some red rose bushes in the background and some yellow roses in a bush via 3d projection. My problem is that at the beginning of the video the rose bushes cut into the girl and a wall post making the final video look unprofessional and rubbish! I would appreciate any help on how I could stop the rose bushes affecting the foreground objects. I have included images on the problem and my current node graph. Thanks. x

    click here for higher res image

    click here for higher res image

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    You need to rotoscope the areas of the foreground image that you want to be infront of your project. Then use this roto shape to add another copy of your plate over the output of your scanline render.

    Usually you wouldn\'t use the BG input of your scanline render node to perform your composite. You should take the output of the scanline render node and use a merge node to combine it with your plate.

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