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    Default Ergonomics of Roto

    Does anyone have preferences on ergonomics for roto work? I\'ve been doing a bit of it lately and I\'m curious to what people find best in terms of mouses and tablets etc. Any links and stuff would be lovely.
    Thank you

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    I use a tablet at work and a mouse at home and I\'d say that the tablet is much better / easier to use for all aspects to VFX, especially roto\' (but not so much to navigating explorer / finder!). I have an Intuos 4 so I\'ve set up the buttons on it for certain commands such as \'select all\', shift, alt, new spline and so on so I can get away with not really using the keyboard at all.

    I\'ve found that regular knuckle cracking and wrist stretching are important! though I don\'t roto all day.


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