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    Cool Tutorial: Editing a Music Video

    Heya Everybody,

    I have a brand new tutorial online - this time covering the topic of Music Video Editing and basic workflow processes like converting footage from a Canon 5D.

    Anyways - have a look and let me know what you think.

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    Default Good one!!

    I already posted something on Youtube but I thought you would see it here instead so just in case:

    You had a really good approach to cutting a multicamera shoot. I am surprised that you chose not to cut on the beats of the music. It definately works for the video you shot. Interesting choice.

    I know this is a FinalCut thread, but have you tried doing the same in Premiere? I saw a tutorial on how to use it (Multi-camera editing in Premiere Pro CS6 | tutorial). I haven\'t tried it yet (I don\'t get to do a lot of multicamera stuff so I have no experience to tell you how it is to work with it). It does seem a pretty quick way to cut things together.

    Thanks for a great tutorial. I will definately keep the skills you shared in my bag of tricks.
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    Smile thanks

    Thanks both of you for these tutorials !!

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