I want to get in as pipeline programmer , and more keen in doing object oriented programming rather than getting into the drill of a character td, so far I have come up with this reel

please give me your review

In this showreel I showcase my skills in Python and PyQt4 using 3 tools out of which
1.Pose It: Pose Manager for Autodesk Maya can run as docked or as floating window made can display thumbnail of stored poses.
2. Mini Me: Maya Project manager that lets the maya artist access files and folder from within maya without having to switch to Explorer or finder set favorite projects, fix file texture paths, email scene or selected file or upload to ftp and even perform incremental save.
(both 1. Pose manager & Project manager has multi plarform compatibility i.e on mac, linux and Windows)
3. Batch Renderer for Autdesk Maya and Foundry Nuke performs batch render, what unique you might find it reads the ma, mb or nk file for the setting set by the artist for rendering and this reduces the chance of a mistake of entering wrong values manually. you can also choose the render camera in case of may from dropdown similarly choose write node incase of Nuke while doing render setup.