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    Lightbulb Introduction to Multi-Pass Compositing

    This article explains the math, benefits and issues of multi-pass compositing using V-Ray render elements as the basis.
    All the techniques are applicable to render passes, generated by other rendering engines.
    Introduction to Multi-Pass Compositing
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    Hi guys not sure if im posting in the correct thing but i am currently making a silicone full face piece using platsil gel ten A and B and smiths deadner. im making the piece in a polyurethane and fibreglass mould. This has been made four times now, each time the mixture has not set and is continuously sticky. Im measuring 100g of both A and B and 300g of deadner, the mix is being mixed thoroughly. does anyone have any tips or reason to why this piece will not work, any help is appreaciated thankyou Bryony
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