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Thread: Apple Motion

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    Default Apple Motion

    Hi all

    First sorry for my english

    I''ve read a lot of things about Motion, but some points are not very clear.
    I'm just wondering if motion can do 3d compositing, with light and camera??
    I'm wondering too if the particule system is in 3d??
    And is there any expressions in Motion??
    Thanks for all answers...


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    You shouldn't expect Motion to be a full blown compositing system. It can do fast and simple compositing and motion graphics design. The particle system isn't in 3d, but the behaviours give you some expression-like capabilities.

    And, it's great value for money in my opinion. I even want to buy a Mac just so that I can use it.

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    but what about camera and 3d compositing??
    i really want to know it because i have to make 70 X 20s of matte painting in 3d, and i've got one day per program to do the job, and the render time of AE or Combustion afraid me in this kind of work (one modification and you're dead...)
    So , if motion could do the job faster as it do it for particles, it will be a really interesting investisment for my company and me...


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    Default Motion training

    just so you know,

    cmiVFX is going to be releasing the first motion training DVD in 2 weeks.

    The program is roust but its not a flame.

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