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    Jul 2007

    Thumbs up just saw ep 2... whoa!

    Really (really) great work guys (and gal).

    The production value of the show is really getting first class.

    My only nit pick would be that the dark areas were occasionally really noisy. Don't know if it's in the compression or if it's a setting in the hvx200.

    All the best,


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    HI Guys,
    Nice work on the FXguideTV episodes
    I watched both episodes last night while Le Tour was on,
    Great stuff I want more more and more,
    I get headaches from trying to read whole pages on the internet.
    This to me, feels more personal and save me headaches, and is a lot better to look at.
    Quality is really great, I couldn't notice the noise that was mentioned in the previous post but that could depend on which monitor your looking at.

    A couple of things, Maybe dont hold your notes in front of you and the presenter (Angie?)
    Kept looking down at her notes, which I found just a little distracting.

    My 2 cents

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    Thumbs up

    Gooood mornin'

    I have a REAL problem with FXGUIDE-TV:
    In a way it is content related...

    I just can't get enough. How about more episodes a week? Daily, maybe?
    You think the audio podcasts are addicitve? Well, if so, then the video-podcasts are just plain dangerous! Hey, criticism must be allowed. *G

    Seriously: FXGUIDE-TV is great. Awesome job. Keep on guiding!

    I am very curious hot it is going to develop.

    Great start, guys!


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    Quote Originally Posted by buckymsr View Post
    I have a REAL problem with FXGUIDE-TV:
    In a way it is content related...
    HA! You so got me -- I saw your first line and my heart skipped a beat.

    Thanks for the great comments....we're glad you like it!

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    Default ep03 fxgtv is out

    Episode 03 of fxguidetv is up.
    Please post comments and discussions here ...
    I'd love to hear from you. I hope you enjoy it.

    - from Mike's laptop
    Co-founder fxguide and fxphd
    Watch the new fxguidetv !

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    Default Nice

    Good work on episode 3 Guys 'n Gal

    I especially like how you were showing the trailer whist talking about it (10,000 BC )
    Good to see you lost holding onto the papers, just geturing with your hands makes it that much more enthusiastic coming from the reader (Mike in this case)

    I only got to the part where you are talking about the animators being locked in the room before i used up all my quota for this month, sheesh another 2 weeks at 64k!!!! arrgghhhh.

    How often are the episodes going to come out?

    I think i have the same problem as buckymsr - i just cant get enough -
    Jason Dreggs
    0416 418463

    Back to the Kitchen,
    I smell something burning...

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    Jul 2006

    Thumbs up

    Hi guys !

    Just a message to congratulate you about this great "FxguideTV" idea !
    It's way better to "see" than to "ear", specially in this field.

    Angie you rock ! Forget about the undying admiration of my peers or the free Tshirt,
    if i submit a tip, i want to get the official autographed pic ;-)

    Tips are always great btw thanks for sharing this with us !

    Would be nice to see some "making of" reports of films currently in production
    (eventhough i guess not every one is willing to let you see their kitchen)

    Can't wait for the next ep !

    How come Angie gets nice flowers in the bg, and Mike only get a scary paper maché dog ? ;o)
    Digital Compositor
    FFI / Nuke

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