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    Default Unpaid Artists Podcast

    We have had some serious server problems the last couple days and now a problem with the Unpaid Artists podcast - we are working to resolve both issues.

    Jeff Heusser
    co-founder fxguide

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    Unhappy thanks for the heads up

    I have been itching to hear this interview.

    Would it be possible to let us know when things are all fixed?

    It's hard to get through my day without these great podcasts.

    fxguide fan and student of fxphd

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    Yep -- for sure...we'll post here and the RSS feed will be updated as well. You can subscribe via RSS on the podcast page so you'll get auto notified.

    Sorry about the problems, but it was a hardware failure which kept causing corruption. Once everything is definitely stable, we'll upload to the server and make the podcast live.

    Thanks for your understanding.

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    Default Unpaid Artists Podcast Back

    Hey everyone -- we put the Unpaid Artists podcast back up and it is live on the podcast page....

    Thanks again for your patience.

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    wow, that is just fuckin unbelievable. over the holidays as well. it really takes the "ebeneezer scrooge" fable to a whole new super scumbag type realm. shame on Canada's government as well for not acting on behalf of their own artists. all we ever hear about in the states is how great Canada is for supporting the arts (unlike the US ). my heart really goes out to those who got robbed.

    i love this aspect of the fxguide website as well - reporting on the state of the industry in addition to the technical genius featured here regularly.

    thanks guys - keep up the great work. i'm forwarding this to everyone i know!


    suspect vfx & design

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    Great podcast!
    Dave Rand touches on a lot of issues we need to keep on top of ...
    How jobs are initially bid, who gets hired, what kind of contracts we sign, etc.

    Most important point he made (besides the immediate issue of the Meteor artists getting paid already!) is that the role of the director is key. Getting good feedback from the right person is can make or break a project ...

    Glad you're taking on the labor issues, I'm looking forward to the next editions.

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