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    Default Better... NuKe or Shake ?

    Software which you use to build a company post?
    Shake or Nuke ?
    I am researching and the two seem to be good software, but what is the best?
    Have a doubt and would like help from you the apple of SHAKE Died?
    someone who knows what will happen with this software?

    Thank you very much!!

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    Shake as you know was discontinued, however rumors have talked about a new package from apple but here's the deal don't hold your breathe for it, the reason why Shake is so good is because I believe Ron Brinkman had a lot to do with it's development. I am led to believe that Ron moved onto Nuke's development. Apple simply bought Shake from Nothing Real, and cut it's price down big time. I am confident that whatever apple comes out with next won't even scratch the surface in terms of what Nuke is capable of doing...and even if it does, why bother, there is already a Nuke user base, so support will be much more available.

    Basically it comes down to your budget. How many seats do you need? Shake is 499$/Seat and Nuke (without maintenence) is 3500$/seat a lot can be said their. Maybe you buy one Nuke license for a senior compositor, and 5 Shake licenses for your mid/junior. If your going to have say 2 roto artists, I would argue that they probably do not need Nuke to get a roto job done.

    I personally am a Shake user, but only because this is all that is within my budget. Bigger clients, bigger software.

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    I've started to learn Nuke recently, because shake has been discontinued for so long it's going to be completely obsolet very soon.
    That said I started using Shake when I was 13 and I have a love shake. because of my experience with shake even though Nuke is worlds more powerful then shake I still find my selfe doing a lot of stuff in shake.
    The reason this message is short, cryptic and misspelled is because I'm dyslectic.
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    i think shake is still not a bad choise. remember how many movies were done with shake so it has proven that it works very well. shake is very cheap or maybe i should say 4 free coz there is nobody who cares if u use it or not.
    shake has less tools than nuke, thats right, but the tools inside shake are exactly the tools u need and some of them have
    an even better quality than the tools in nuke. i.e. the tracker imo the shake tracker is one of the best in the world and the nuke tracker....
    well it somehow works... the masks work perfectly, the paint works well, the speed is very good.... and so on.
    there are some things where a 3d space is usefull there is no doubt about it but from 100 shots you maybe really need it
    for 2-5 shots, the rest completely works in 2d space very well.
    dont understand me wrong i like nuke very much 2 play around with, i like the inovations of the community that so many people r working
    on the software with gizmos with python or tcl scripts that is really cool and the foundry doing a lot to make nuke popular as well.
    but in terms of - i want these shots to be done quickly on a high quality level shake is as good as nuke and it costs peanuts.
    so in the end, i wouldnt start learning shake anymore, that makes no sense but it is still a very good and powerfull tool.

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