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    Default 1st time foum user...interested in compositing career...anyone in the industry that c

    Hello everyone,

    I've been doing motion graphics, print & web design for about 10 years, but I was recently layed off. I had been the art director-designer at my local tv-station.

    My website is at if you'd like to take a look.

    II've studied vfx for the last 10 years trying to keep up. A lots changed (& the fx business seems more intimidating than ever).

    Could anyone working in the industry give me any practical career wisdom, advice/help?
    What people look for, software, strength of portfolio, learning on the job, what size of shop to start at???

    I'd appreciate your help!


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    The one and only important thing besides good connections is your reel. Thats your main weapon. What I want to say is that you have to carefully decide what job or position exactly is your goal and then work and streamline your reel for that. Specific software skills are off coarse important, but lets say for a compositor, nothing beats a good eye, attention to detail, professionalism. If you have that and can show that in your reel and your CV, that is what will make you attractive to a potential employer. I know it sounds simple and a bit like the typical mumbo jumbo talk, but in fact building a winning reel is far from the easiest task.

    Regarding choice of software, it depends what projects you would like to work on and off coarse which one makes you feel comfortable. But companies use all variety of solutions. If one company is not using what you have learned, other for sure will. If you have doubts what you have to choose I will suggest to go to some vfx forums ( not sure if i can mention here names but google is a really good friend) ) and there are several really good discussions already existing, of which and what software or system is most used for different kind of jobs.

    The rest is I believe a bit of common sense and good luck. Personally I like working in small post prod shops where I can really make a difference in the prepro and the final look of a project, but everyone has his preferences.

    Good luck and don't be intimidated. Even the best of vfx ever made , were done by people, same as you and me.
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    hi, my name is salman, I am delighted to have joined this forum and hopefully I can learn a lot from the seniors here. thanks. have a nice day!

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    Hello everyone............
    Hey guys first time I\'ve seen the forums section. Also noticed a lot of people posting requests for jobs so am giving it a shot my self.

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    Hello Guys
    I am new here. I am here for sharing information each other people. I enjoy in this forum..

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