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    Question 3d tv hype with Final Cut Pro Studio ?

    now everyone is hype about the 3d tv and 3d, any ideas how to do this 3d thing in apple final cut pro and apple motion ? i know in apple motion you can do by create 2 camera with a bit offset for left and right eyes, but after that, what to do to convert it for 3d tv ? i know After effect got the 3d plug in with do the job, but how bout final cut pro studio ?

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    In FCP you can do 3D with add=ons such as Dashwood.

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    Best way I\\\'ve found to \\\'offline\\\' in FCP is edit two video tracks at once, left eye, right eye. Maybe make a sequence with everything sync\\\'d on 2 tracks first, then copy paste your edit into your edit timeline.

    Then create and copy a Motion and Distort to make a side-by-side, half-width each eye. Most 3D TVs can accept a side-by-side and display it 3D.

    The good thing about this method is that you can create an EDL for each eye to take to an \\\'online\\\' 3D system. It\\\'s a clunky way to edit and I wish there was something better.

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    There is a better way...It\\\'s called CineForm NEO3D,

    Right and left eye are combined into one file (left eye in the essence, right eye in the sync problems), and you can adjust convergence in FirstLight, as well as control exposure and primary color correction for each eye separately or can load .look files (3d LUT) and any Firstlight changes are non-destructive metadata implemented by the codec.

    You can also change display type...anaglyph, side by side, etc depending on what 3D display you\\\'re using downstream from your display card or your AJA card.

    It\\\'s the most elegant system I\\\'ve seen up to this point...
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    Talk about FCP in here, I read in an article that many longtime customers of Apple\'s Final Cut Pro non-linear video editing software were upset when the business upgraded to Final Cut Pro X last summer. The software has been a staple for video editors, pro and novice, since 1998. But the new edition is incompatible with files from old versions of the software, and the interface has been completely redesigned. Apple released upgrade 10.0.3 Tues in an attempt to correct some of the problems. Source for this article: New update for FCP X addresses user complaints.

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