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    Default 3% - brazilian sci-fi independent series pilot

    I am one of the directors of the project 3%. We are spreading the
    pilot around in order to get visibility to get the whole season funded by some network
    here in Brazil. It is in portuguese but we put nice english subtitles! I hope you like it!

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    The series follows the struggle of a group of characters trying to get
    selected as part of 3% approved to go to \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'That side\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'. The plot takes
    place in a world where all people, upon reaching age 20 can enroll in
    a selective process where 3% are accepted to transfer to a better
    world full of opportunities and the promise of a decent life. The
    selection process is cruel, filled with tension, and composed of
    extreme situations of stress, fear and moral dilemmas.

    Thank you!

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    Very nice. Congratulations for independent work. Very Nice.

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