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    Does anybody know of a 3D LUT plugin for Photoshop?

    We have a set of very well calibrated 3D LUTs that we use in our Flame and Lustre suites, and I’d like to apply the same LUTs to my digital photos in Photoshop. But I can’t find a plugin to do it.

    Any info?




    You should use ICC profiles in CS PS. You will need to point a techie person at http://www.color.org and take them to look at SampleICC open source project that will generate this sort of thing for you.

    Last time I checked the CS PS only supported this in non-floating point data … things may have changed since that time …

    Good luck


    Alfie Mazzeo

    I have Photoshop CS (1) on Mac OS X 10.4.9, I want to make my text on my photo 3D I already have the text on the photo, I just can’t figure out how to make it 3D. Step-by-step please, I don’t know much about photoshop.


    The Light Illusion SpaceMan ICC tool will convert 3D LUTs into ICC profiles for just this application.

    Have a look here: http://www.lightillusion.com/spaceman.htm

    ICC profiles converted from 3D LUTs by SpaceMan ICC are already in use by a number of post facilities. FXguide will actually be running a story on this very soon.

    I obviously have an interest in this producst as Light Illusion is my company!

    Edited to add: Sorry, I didn’t spot the date on this thread! My bad…



    Firstly by using a LUT conversion software tool, called Spaceman, we can now convert any created 3D LUT into an ICC profile. By doing this we can then use the new ICC profile to load into the QuickTime .mov file (Alexa ProRes 4444 included) and have your offline and dailies created with your new look applied, previously this was quite a task and only available to fully structured Post facilities.

    By doing this conversion we can use Colorsync within Mac OS to apply the converted 3D LUT and burn it into the .mov file.

    The image attached shows a full 3D cube as an ICC profile that was generated from a 3D LUT created for the Alexa camera system.
    [URL=”http://www.morphacademy.com”%5D 3d Animation Institute In Chandigarh[/URL]


    At the moment, there are no tools for editing or creating 3DLUTs in Photoshop.

    Sure, you can build your own — the file formats are all available on the web.
    Each of the supported formats is different, and all have some odd quirks in their support in various applications – be careful.


    Hi guys!

    Now you can create your 3D Luts for Photoshop from your iPhone in the IRIDIAS cube format!

    Check it out! the app is called CINEKOLOR

    [video=vimeo;81355367]https://vimeo.com/81355367 [/video]

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