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    Hi all, new poster here. A friend of mine recommended I get in touch with you guys and see what you think of 3D scans. Does anybody use them for reference or in projects?

    I’m thinking of making my library of scans available online – some for free, some to be paid for. Before I spend the time doing it, would be awesome to know what you think and if it’s actually worth doing!


    I did work with 3d scans. A lot of cleaning, but makes work a lot faster. You still have to do a lot of chandges on models I had there were problems with small elements, eg. a cup in a hand of person or glasses, I had to model them.
    But, overall, it made a work much faster.
    I would defenitly at least try Your site. What did You scan and how?


    3D scanners are based on different technologies. My brother doing works in 3d scans and he creates a beautiful model. But in this work have no more money and he decided to start a new business in stained glass restoration fort worth for creating beautiful different styles windows. He wants to use new design technologies and he looks at the best tips to start a new business in this. Thanks for this post.


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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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