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    hi all

    I’m wondering if somebody made some experience with 3rd party storage with the 2008 releases?
    brands, disk models etc….



    Hi Darok,

    I’m trying to setup one for myself. but having huuuuuuge problems with finding infiniband infrastructure that would work for me. I’ve asked our autodesk rep. to tell me what autodesk recomends, and got some cards/swithc info, just to tell me latter (after I asket them to give me written confirmation, that tis is all that I will need for connecting) that (and this is QUOTE !!!!!)
    ‘… they didn’t know that I want system that works.’ (endQUOTE)
    Can You belive that!!!!!!! Maybe it’s just my bad luck, maybe it’s something else, but I have smoke on one end of room, storage on other but damn things dont want to use telephaty to comunicate. And they sit like that for last four months! :-((((

    cyril conforti

    Well, if you were at the NAB User Group, you would have learned that Autodesk Professional Services Division would be able to hook you up with exactly what you need. 🙂 They told us that about 5 times.


    I am using it extensively with xsan. There are some issues (watch your outputs and imports) but I love having 45 hours of HD!!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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