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    Hello fxguide-Team!

    I just registered mainly to thank you for all the information you provide to VFX-buffs like me and especially for my absolute favorite, the VFXshow, especially those issues when you talk about landmark features like Forrest Gump, Close Encounters or soon Poltergeist (a show to which I am extremely looking forward). It’s just nice to grab a cup of coffee and a piece of pastry and listen to some guys with expertise chatting for an hour about films you like and how the effects you admire were achieved. At the same time it’s interesting to have an insider’s view on these films, to get a notion of how certain shots were perceived by experts and … basically to just listen to some folks chatting about vfx, that’s just smashing!

    Although I’m more heading towards screenwriting and directing, my interest in VFX has been deep since I was 10 years old, yet my only sources for information had been the two ILM-books plus Making Of featurettes that offered way too little details. Far too late, at least it feels as if it was, I discovered sites like yours and the glorious Cinefex magazine of which I have already ordered several back issues last year.

    So a BIG THX, you got yourself a devoted follower… And as I have just dicovered this little treasure, there are some interesting hours to follow from now on, downloaded like 12 episodes *gg*.




    Having at least a basic understand of VFX would come in handy for directing. Producers would be wary of working with a director who doesn’t.



    Although this message was written almost three years ago, I fully sympathize with its meaning. Me, as you also dreamed about VFX has been deep since I was 10 years old (11 as well) and yet, with the help of this forum, I have one… and gained much knowledge.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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