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    That was a really interesting podcast about compositing in linear light. And good to know that Adobe have added functions to get this right.

    I was pleased to see that CS4 know has correct presets for PAL video square pixels and they’ve moved away from 1024 to the correct 1050. The problems and arguments that one has caused (and probably will carry on causing)…

    And Apple are going to 2.2 gamma? Cool. One day everything will work…

    Thanks guys

    Johnny Fegan

    I agree it was a great podcast. I’ve doing some testing and I’m looking for a color profile for After Effects for cineon log files. I use both Nuke and AE and I’m trying to emulate how nuke interprets footage in After Effects. All the Kodak and Fuji color profiles don’t seem to be exactly what I need. I’m looking for a color profile that does what the Cineon Converter Plugin does. Any thoughts?

    pepijn schroeijers

    I found that podcast to be one of the most confusing things I’ve ever listened to. Can anyone recommend a good resource on learning the basics of color space and other topics covered on that linear light podcast?

    ravi patel

    Ron Brinkman seems to have written the ‘bible’ on all this stuff

    I have to say that while I understand the issue now, I don’t fully understand how you might deal with it.

    After Effects can convert it’s sources to linear but what does that mean you have do when viewing the result?

    (dickij10 on the tweets)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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