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    Software which you use to build a company post?
    Shake or Nuke ?
    I am researching and the two seem to be good software, but what is the best?
    Have a doubt and would like help from you the apple of SHAKE Died?
    someone who knows what will happen with this software?

    Thank you very much!!:D


    andy gill

    Shake has a surprisingly large user base, and probably will for some time to come. But the simple matter is Shake is dead and will no longer be developed. Yes, you will probably have an easier time finding people who know shake over nuke, but that is honestly a mute point. Nuke is still in development, and constantly being improved with every new version, and more and more people are making a point to learn Nuke, so it won’t be as difficult to find Nuke artist as time goes on.

    Nuke is also way more advance than shake, even when shake was still being develop. Nuke always had the technological advantage of actually being developed by a VFX company, while Shake was a tool that, some would say, Apple used to lure the smaller VFX houses to switch over to mac, when they had no real plans to further advance it’s capabilities.

    Go with Nuke.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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