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    I’ve recently started learning Nuke for my uni project. I’m forming a desert scene I put together in Photoshop using layers and Nuke cards. I’m having a problem when I project the ground plane using 3D camera projection. The ground projection seems to go back far too much in 3D view and only shows half of the plane in 2D view. See pics attached. Does anyone know how i can fix it please?




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    Are you sure it is going back too far? Think about the scale of your scene. Those mountains are a long way away. Everything in the 3D should be arranged to scale if you want the movement to be accurate.

    How have you placed your cards in the scene? If you have just done it by eye then there is no way of knowing how they should all be spaced.

    If the scene was based on reality the card with the ground on should meet with the mountains at the point where the ground meets the horizon on it’s card and where the mountains meet the ground on the vertical card. They should meet as a corner, touch perfect, and not actually intersect. You shouldn’t really see any of the ground from the card with the mountains on.

    Also, because you are adding all of the cards into the same scene they are all intersecting. That is why you get the hard line between the two cards at the base of the mountains. It is often easier (although more processor intensive) to have different scanline renders for each card and then merge them as 2D layers.

    Realistically, you can probably flatten the far three layers of mountains, and the city onto one card. You aren’t going to see any parallax between things that far away.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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