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    I am after some assistance with a stubborn O2 Effect system (version 6.1.2)
    I have a D9 stone (4 x 4gig drives) & the flint dongle attached to serial port two. (thanks to Grant & Rangi) I now know that I my IP address changes it causes problems with the stones.

    To be honest my IRIX skills are close to zero, but here is what I am attempting.

    I log into the effect account. type Effect -vr & the interface starts at the project splash screen as it should with no errors.
    VOLUMEMGT : Warning ( I choose Y) & can hear the drives respond.
    If I choose a project
    I now have a new screen with no project
    Name, [blank]
    Description, [blank]

    Setup Dir. [/usr/discreet/project/effecrs/untitled]
    Cfg Template film.cfg
    Memory 0 (what should this be if my 02 has 1gig of ram?)

    I go to Partition & click on & it opens the Framestore Setup window.
    I can see that the stonefs has no partitions & plenty of free space. I change the default NTSC tab to PAL click on 4:3 change the name to PAL TEST the apply (ERROR : VOLUMEMGT: PARTITION NAME IS TOO LONG OR CONTAINS INVALID CHARACTERS) so instead I have PAL & click “Apply”

    I get an instant flash of white onscreen
    PANIC: swf age_cut: Mismatched links in list
    Kernel/Interrupt Stack Overflow @0x801c4494 sp:0x803a7918 K1:0x40
    ra:0x801c4494 stkflag:1

    DOUBLE PANIC: Stack underflow/overflow

    I have tried numerous button clicks but these all result in the flash of death & a long sigh.
    In the project window I can see 3 projects one with a (NTSCDefault : non-existent) & the other (PALDefault : non-existent) & then

    Any help or advise would be gratefully received & really appreciated. I am one step closer than I was before, but I am still not quiet there.

    Thanks in Advance

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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