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    Hi guys,

    We’re all grown ups here, however, I do sometimes listen to the podcast at home while I’m doing homely matters and my two young children, who are too young to be hearing that , are around either reading, playing or getting under my feet 🙂

    Could you try to tone down the language or mark the episode as Screenshot2010-06-26at50850PM.jpg in iTunes so I can either listen at a different time or shoo the kids away.

    I don’t really know why there would be a need for cussing in this show, but whatever.. :rolleyes:

    Thanks guys.

    BTW the forum scaled the image to humungous proportions !


    The Podcast is free, you are being entertained and learning, its a bit rich to ask the boys to keep their language to a minimum which they already do. If you were smart you might explain to your kids how lucky they are to be listening to an adult show, and these are the words you use as an adult when you have to.

    Honestly i enjoy when the guys let loose a bit, maybe you should let loose yourself.

    There is also the one earphone trick, which my father did listening to normal radio and i turned out ok.



    I have two children and I do understand your point.
    We will look into the explicit tag – we normally are not too bad but last week was a bit ‘stronger’ than normal.


    Kane Borchert

    I can see the point being made, yet I quite enjoy the candid conversation that the RC brings.
    Get a good pair of head phones and giggle to your self as the rest of the world thinks your that crazy man laughing to himself on the back of the bus.
    It works for me.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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