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    You guys do an excellent job, thanks. The Red Centre podcast has re-energised me for stills photography too. I allways dreamed of having a chip on my old SLR’s backplane and loved the glass viewfinder (imagining the amazing colour range appearing on the monitor back at home), alas that dream died in the 90’s.

    And we still cant have a nice glass VF!

    Anyway you were wondering aloud about HDR for video, well here is someones attempt have you seen it?

    I too wondered if the lines that get skipped in the Canons could be remapped for a different voltage and read out for different stop value?

    The Red idea was really cool though.


    Just to clarify I am not affiliated with this very cool project, it was refered to me twitter. Thanks for the shout out, that was excellent.

    Your show keeps me going when drudgery of editing gets me down, theres only so much of watching After Effects hang that one can deal with in a shift!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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