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    Craig Macon

    I swear I posted this two days ago but I’ll have another go at it.

    Concerning the comments about James Cameron and the use of 3D in AVATAR. I think he exemplified what 3D looks like when it is used to enhance the story rather than be gimmick or a crutch to prop up an otherwise lame movie. I feel like if you watch a stereoscopic movie in 2D and you see a shot that was obviously intended to be a 3D “sight gag” and without the benefit of the 3D the shot falls flat, then that is all the stereoscopics were, just a gag.

    As much as I enjoyed AVATAR and respect the level of professionalism that went into making the film, I feel it unfortunate that Mr. Cameron didn’t hold the script to the same level excellence. I’m not saying it was a bad story. But I don’t think it measures up when compared to the effort put into the VAD, the new facial tracking MOCAP technology, or the artistry of the movie. The script was left at “good enough” and that is a shame.

    My two cents, then again, who the hell am I?


    Of course no film is perfect and yet I loved Avatar – but perhaps you are right of all the great things – the first perhaps isnt original story – but it is a story told in an original way – both creatively and technically and I have nothing but respect for Cameron. He is one of my generations most important film makers and I will happily see anything he does.



    Loved this episode for all the total geekery on the 5D2 sensor.
    Some fascinating information and the way you got it was really inventive.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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