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    Craig Macon


    Just listened to EP 67. Great stuff as always (even if Jason seemed uncomfortable).

    Just wanted to elaborate on the “bizzare”. Dick VanDyke and William Shatner at the Newtek booth was sort of “Geek-stravaganza” and also a bit of a train wreck. You can see the video over at the Newtek site http://tv.newtek.com/player.php?recordID=86

    Dick VanDyke is a LightWave user. I even recall that there was a piece he did was used on his show “Diagnosis Murder” (a computer generated re-enactment for a court scene). From all accounts a great guy and genuinely interested in effects.

    William Shatner, well a Sci Fi icon yes, but he seemed out of his element without an interviewer/host. He was there as a “thank you” to Newtek for the use of a TriCaster with liveset for his new website http://www.myouterspace.com
    It’s a reasonably nice set for a streaming live broadcast.

    As much as I look up to both of those gentlemen, the video was almost painful to watch.

    And Mike is sounds like the words “LightWave” almost burned your lips to say. LOL.


    I dont mind Lightwave. I dont come across it much but I dont think I have ever said anything bad about it

    I think that the guys there did a good thing in doing this ‘stunt’ – as it has proven both popular and caused a lot of people – like us – to discuss it.

    I have real respect for Dick Van Dyke and admire a man learning and actively doing new things and not being shut off to new ideas. Seriously all good.


    But it was a bit ‘unusual’



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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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