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    Hi everybody, I was wondering if any of you had heard anything about the 16 week flame/smoke/combustion course at seneca collage. I´m thinking of going there and would like to get any second opinions about it if possible.
    Thanx in advance.


    no idea about the course but $8000 seems a hell of a lot of money. I’d personally spend it on my own system (combustion) learn that, get your foot in the door at the bottom and work your way up…



    But What If you have an scholarship to study anywhere in the World?

    I am serching all over the net , to find an school that really fill the advanced knowledge that i am searching .

    I have an scholarship for that, I have 2 option Canada (Seneca , Flame) and UK.

    I graduated from ICARI in Montreal 2 years ago, and i been working on TV Motion graphics 2d/3d animation, so i think the next step is this.

    If you guys at fxguide have any idea on where, is good school to start advanced compositing plz let me know..

    Thank You


    If you guys at fxguide have any idea on where, is good school to start advanced compositing plz let me know..

    I can not give you a world wide breakdown, other than to say that there are some excellent short course, intensive 1 week courses – or there are 1 to 3 year film school courses, which focus on digital production with flame.

    My personal fave in Asia Pacific- but only because I like them and I like their graduates – is the AFTRS ( Australian Film TV Radio School) here in Sydney. They have excellent staff and first rate facilities, and as you would be studing flame along side Cinematography students and editing students etc – you gain a great film making outlook as opposed to just a compositing outlook, which early in your career can be invalable. I know a talent grad from there who is now on inferno doing shots on the Matrix sequals. She was talented going in – but still, she now has a dream job, at a top company.

    Disclaimer: I don’t work their, nor did I study there. It is just a one good school I know of locally.

    Mike Seymour


    Thank you mseymour7!

    I saw the web page and I going to contac the school information next week but it seen a very great one.

    Thanks a lot



    I just talk with the school but is only for Australian and New Zealand citizens on full programs.

    This one seen to be great, but I will find other options.

    Thank’s again you mseymour7!



    New York University offers classes in flint, which is basically the same as flame/inferno just less powerful, with slightly less tools.
    Look into New York University’s school of Continuing and Professional Studies- CADA(Center for Advanced Digital Applications)

    junior flame artist


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