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    Eugene Lehnert

    What are all these Autodesk systems used for? Where do they crossover in functionality? How much compositing can be done in a Smoke?

    sri krishnan

    Hi euge04, Smoke so cool now it has Bfx, I do 90% of my work on smoke now it has batch (Used to be a 40/60 mix between Flame and Smoke). There really is hardly any reason for me to go into flame, Auto-Stabilizer, Modular-Keyer and Motion-Blur are the only thing I really miss, but I try to dry hirer smokes with Furnace, and I use PF-track for 3D tracking. Smoke is catching flame and at the current rate will over run it. Love that Smoke.

    As for Inferno, don’t know, think only the Japs use it.

    Toxic Failed, they give it away with Maya now. Also the hardest compositing package in the world to learn.

    Combustion, bet they’re spewing they stopped development of this great product.


    Merrill DataSiteF

    Thanks for getting back to me. My company is getting a Smoke system and I was curious to see what it does versus the Flame. I have been doing onlines with Final Cut Pro and I do all my effects with Shake and AE. I myself am interested in VFX so I wanted to see what I could expect to see in the Smoke system.

    What is Bfx?

    Ana wills

    Hey Euge04, I stopped using Smoke a few years ago and moved onto Flame, I had a look at batch in smoke a couple of days ago and it looks as if there are a lot of the essential tools in it.

    What you are missing will probably help increase your skills as you will not get complacent in relying on the software.

    I was encouraging one of the smoke Operators here (Funnily enough his name is Eugene) to possibly get Syntheyes for any 3D camera tracking you need to do, it’s pretty good and cheap.

    Toxic I know nothing about, I did play with it a year or so ago, I like the interface and once you get your head around Reaction (the Compositor) I think you’d be fine.

    I tend to agree with Enogs conclusion about Combustion, I think they need to consolidate Toxic and Combustion into the one product, In fact they need to consolidate most of there products.

    Heres a list of Autodesk Compositing packages: Toxic, Combustion, Fire, Smoke, Inferno, Flame and Flint. The same goes for their 3D packages now they have purchased XSi.

    All a little too fractured.

    Anyway you should enjoy smoke, get the sapphrie Pluggins, Furnace and Syntheyes, Oh and Autodesk has their own way of doing things but you’ll figure it out…..



    Merrill DataSiteF

    Awesome. Thanks so much guys.

    Kelley Muro

    @Enog 27121 wrote:

    Toxic Failed, they give it away with Maya now. Also the hardest compositing package in the world to learn.

    Combustion, bet they’re spewing they stopped development of this great product.


    I don’t know where you get your information from, but in my experience it’s been the complete opposite. Autodesk takes every opportunity it can to push Toxik while poor old Combustion languishes in the background. I see no evidence that anyone at Autodesk cares about or laments the lack of development of Combustion.

    Autodesk and their most visible desktop product trainers and users (Ken LaRue, Gary Davis, etc.) routinely point to Toxik as the future of Autodesk’s desktop compositing strategy. The popular perception of Combustion is that it is an EOL product. Many have said that it would take way too much time and money to rewrite Combustion to bring it up to date with Toxik, Fusion, AE, etc.

    It’s too bad, because Combustion is still a great app but it’s getting a bit long in the tooth. I’d love to see a new product that merges Combustion’s toolset with Toxik’s architecture, but I seriously doubt that will ever happen.

    Pa Triant

    i have been using smoke since 6years now
    i am an editor as well as an online artist
    here is a short sumup for autodesk products

    it has robust editing capabilities
    u can say it is fcp + avid combined
    its unique interface makes it fastest editing application ever with much advanced tools for finishing…….
    its action module makes it ideal for compositing…..
    it has multiple cameras, multiple lights, nodes, expressions and now even the giant batch which earlier only flame boosted off…..
    its master keyer, stabilizer, color corrector n color warper, paint n text module makes it the fastest n the best finishing system available….
    it misses 3d track, modular keyer, camera projection, 3d particles….
    but u can use bojou or syntheyes for 3d track n import the data in action
    u can get particle effects done in 3d or particle illusion….
    camera projection can b managed in 3ds max as well
    all this can b done on smoke……

    if u shot requires lot more physics n advanced vfx like camera projection, 3d track n modular keyer n very very heavy compositing which is complicated then u may use flame which is v v good for film vfx…
    something which is out of a smokes capacity is handled by flame….
    but smoke is avid + flame

    is the higher resolution n faster version of smoke used for film editing

    is the elder brother of flame with much faster processor……

    smoke, fire n FFI requires independent hardware setup which is quite expensive….

    only a post house or a channel can manage it…..

    autodesk answer to shake, nuke and fusion which are node based desktop softwares
    but miserably it didnt catch up

    another older version of autodesk desktop compositing software
    sadly didnt catchup
    reflex plugin is the one to go for

    all these applications have pros n cons but smoke n FFI systems rule post houses


    sarwanov Xamgin

    Hey, Fire is dead so Fire now is Smoke… look: http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/index?id=5562571&siteID=123112


    is the elder brother of flame with much faster processor……”
    Not any more. I think you’ll find the only differences are the logo and the price.


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