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    i have 2 layers. one is a missile and the other one is the fire (cg fx). The background is a slow animation of the earth in space.
    i need to create a heat distortion with Combustion and i don’t have any plugin for the moment.


    Fusion CIStudios

    You can create heat distortion with an Idistort node (or whatever combustion may call it). You can create a particle emitter that pumps out tiny little polygons, use an Idistort with the background, and then feed the Idistorted polygons into the alpha channel. The next step is to slightly color the distortion.

    I hope this makes sense,

    I could break it out how to do it in Nuke but I’m not fully rounded in Combustion.

    Jonas Ussing

    hey thanks for you answer
    i finally did something by animate a crumple filter … it is very simple but
    it does a great result. i didn’t want to use particles because i find them to complicated and i don’t know much about it …but thanks a lot!


    make sure you add a gausion blur to the particle emmiter or for faster render a
    box blur. This will soften the matte and displacement. Works very well. Tinder box
    has a nice heat haze plugin that works really well. I think Auroix has some too if
    they are still around. These are also Ae Plugs so they should work well with combustion.Chow!


    in the past ive used a particle that looks like steam and tracked it to where i want the distortion. set the size/rate etc and then cut it off that fotage and paste it on a black solid thats the same rez/frame rate etc. this becomes a secondary input to a displacement operator applied to the primary footage.


    Cecilia Friederichs

    I use this technique:

    – create a fractal noise material on a solid layer
    – using curves change the color in red and green
    – add the Displace op on the layer you want distort using the Curves op as source (X green and Y red channel, or vice versa)
    – add the Compound blur using the same source.

    There’s another cheap way:
    – add noise
    – and blur it alot

    Alyssa Parrish

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    cary louder

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