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    I’ve recently started working on a short film project and I’ve kind of hit a Brick Wall for one of the scenes I wish to film. Basically, the inspiration for this scene, in particular, is similar to this video –> (Wierd out of context I know). The issue is that, despite having some knowledge of visual effect – Most of my skill is limited to things such as things to do with chroma-keying and small effects like little glitch masks over objects and such. How would you suggest I create this environment? I have a rough idea to start, being to Record the actor with a green screen with tracking markers, or with 3d tracking in after effects. But the creation of the ocean and such is out of my expertise. I do have access to programs like C4D with Octane as well (My school has a few copies on their computer) and I assume that this task would be more suited to programs like that, then with after effects. Can anyone give any sort of advice? I’d be really grateful. Im also aware that this probably isnt the right channel to post this on, Im just really stuck on where to start, so if someone can redirect me to a more specific channel to post this on, that would also be very helpful.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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