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    Vincent Visser

    It was an interesting IBC this year, with ARRI presenting their ‘Alexa’ high-end digital camera range.


    Also the Red EPIC-X sounds very promising and looked well from a distance. I understood from a befriend rentalowner that the new EVF only showed a testchart, but gave a very clear picture. Would it also work on the Red One?


    I was really impressed by the Marvin a complete data management solution from Marvin Technologies.

    Also very interesting but hiding in Hall 2, was the Keyframe Concept from Drylab Research & Development. A Red One workflow tool for metadata tagging, on set grading and effective rendering.

    Shervin Shoghian

    Hey Vincent, thanks for that I had not seen the Arri in the flesh, looks a vast improvement in size over the D21.

    John Montgomery from FX guide grabbed some audio on precisely marvintech AND keyframe and we will have those both on ep 46 as the next ep #45 out very soon was pretty big show as it was so there simply wasnt room
    thanks for listening


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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