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    benson poon


    I am a beginner of python coding.
    I would like to use python gspread in Nuke (with oauth2client as crediential).

    What I did:
    I copied the 4 folders:
    C:\Program Files\Python37\Lib\site-packages\oauth2client
    C:\Program Files\Python37\Lib\site-packages\oauth2client-4.1.3.dist-info
    C:\Program Files\Python37\Lib\site-packages\gspread
    C:\Program Files\Python37\Lib\site-packages\gspread-3.1.0.dist-info
    C:\Program Files\Nuke11.3v3\pythonextensions\site-packages

    Then, in Nuke script editor, I try:
    import oauth2client
    The result is no error, I assume I successfully imported.

    when I try:
    import gspread
    Fail and the feedback is:
    Result: Traceback (most recent call last):

    File “”, line 1, in
    File “C:\Program Files\Nuke11.3v3\pythonextensions\site-packages\”, line 16, in
    from .client import Client
    File “C:\Program Files\Nuke11.3v3\pythonextensions\site-packages\gspread\”, line 12, in
    import requests
    ImportError: No module named requests

    Is there anyone know-how and share with me how to do so? And what I missed?

    (The workaround for now is, complied the script that use gspread to an .exe file. Then use .py in nuke to os.system() to call the .exe and with a lot of sys.argu coding. I know it is a stupid way, but it at least working.)

    Thank you.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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