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    We have just gotten hold of an old Inferno system from a company that went banckrupt. The system has been used up until a month ago – so it is fully functional.

    It is an old 6.5.11 system.
    SGI Onyx 350
    8 cores proessor CPU
    SD/HD I/O 4:2:/4:4:4 Dual link
    Xuratex storage 15TB (3×4 unit)
    SGI 24″ Trinitor CRT XVGA monitor
    Wacom board

    My question: What is this system worth today? Is it any good? – Or is it not worth the electricity bill it will create if I plug it in?

    This product is new to us – we are based on Mac with Final Cut Pro, Nuke, DaVinci and Adobe After Effects… Where would such an inferno fit in?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.

    Is there a used marked for this? – We would be able to sell it extremely cheap.

    Best regards



    You can’t resell the software, the right to use is not transferrable.
    Hardware looks like a good way to heat your home or keep doors open. Only value is second hand parts.
    Good luck.


    Thanks for your answer.

    I did not know that! We have made a bid on the system – 6000 us dollars – and won. Thought it was worth a lor more:-(

    Anybody interested in the hardware at that price?


    Shannon Gans

    I cannot see any reason why you cannot use the system as is. You purchased it!

    If you want to upgrade the you will have to pay a no-original owners fee and upgrade fees to bring it upto the latest and greatest version running on linux.

    Hardware – do a google search for SGI parts – there are a few brokers in the US which could be interested but I suspect they will be looking for much less than $6k as most second had SGI stuff is now altix based.


    Freelance Engineer.

    @Toke 37792 wrote:

    Thanks for your answer.

    I did not know that! We have made a bid on the system – 6000 us dollars – and won. Thought it was worth a lor more:-(

    Anybody interested in the hardware at that price?



    a 6.5.11 O350 inferno is still totally usable IMO. Make it your finishing / high end compositing system. Very powerful. All the real main tools that most of us need on a day to day are all there. Action, CC, CW, Master Keyer, Modular Keyer, etc.


    Firstly congratulations on your purchase.

    Check with Autdoesk & request a license transfer. If this old hardware was not used as part of an upgrade to a newer Linux based system the transfer maybe would allow you to pay for system upgrades or cross-grades to Flame in the future.

    I think you will find the system will be very powerful and more than usable, this was serious iron in it’s day & IRIX was a nice stable platform. It’s not the dollar value of the system that’s important but it’s usability, stability and what is will offer to your workflow. I am not sure what versions of Inferno are supported but do some research on Burn and running Burn nodes to speed up your system renders if you think that they need improvement. This was Autodesks answer to adding horsepower to the SGI heavy iron when they started porting their systems products platform across to Linux. On layer heavy comps you will find that the system will hold it’s own.

    I am sure that there are a few SGI/IRIX experts still on here that may be able to offer advice to you regarding getting the system up and running. Do a HINV on the system & see what ram is installed in your tower, with many of these systems being parted you might find that you could pick up addition ram to max out your system quite cheap.

    Check and see what sparks are installed on your system it may have Monster 5D sparks or GenArts Sapphires. If not check out the GenArts website for their plugins for Inferno if you are wanting to add some extra bang for your buck.


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