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    ok guys need some help hopefully someone can shade some light on this issue.
    I have a 2tb storage rig (sata2 raid5) on a dual Xeon pc system,
    I’m getting a new Mac pro very soon for editing and I would like to use the pc as my storage rig.
    it can hold up to 8tb and it has gigabit and fiber channel I/O network connections
    I believe I got everything I need on the hardware side.
    I am going to rebuild the raid anyways I was wondering what format I need the drives in, what os to use and etc. in order to create an environment in which ideally I could capture on that PC storage box and edit it on the Mac with fcp (if I have to capture on Mac using fcp I can get an additional osx box for capturing that would plug into the storage rig as well)
    but I would like a storage environment that I could access from both pc and Mac.
    I know there are products that do that. Editshare, vsan, etc
    How do I go about setting all that up on my own?

    thanks in advance


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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