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    Hello Community. Im new here and i hope u can help me. I have walked thru some video tutorials on how i can do 3D Projection inside Fusion. This works realy fine but now i need something more special.

    F.e. i have an 3D Camera that project an image on a 3D Plane. But the Plane isnt covered completly by the image. In the areas where no image is seen the plane will be black.

    Now the question: Is it possible to make the area around the projected image transparent? I want the Plane only be visible where the Image is projected.

    Why do i need it? For a job i had to build a race car in 3D. Now it is needed to add sponsors as textures to the car. But re rendering the Image needs alot of time so i searched for a way to make it in compositing. Because of the roundings a car body has its quite complicated to make it in Photoshop.

    I hope someone can help me
    greets from germany Marcel

    edit: The Plan was to export the 3D car with Cameras etc out of Cinema 4d and import it in fusion. Then i want to use the the pre-rendered image as a background and adding the sponsors via camera projection on the 3d model of the car. If the 3d car model will be only visible where the projection is goin on it will be perfect.

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