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    Hello all, long time visitor to FXGuide but never have joined the forums before, but thought I’d post letting any local South Texans know about a one day technical workshop that we are hosting at the Art Institute of Houston, free and open to any professionals interesting in learning about the camera and being introduced to it’s post workflow, Mac and FCP centric. This is a free workshop and anyone is welcomed, you just need to RSVP if interested. Here’s a link to a JPEG of the invite to view all the details: Invite.

    I’d also like to thank Mike and everyone at FXGuide for producing the Redcentre, which has been a huge resource for us and entertaining as well. We mention you guys as much as possible when talking RED with other folks. And, for myself personally, your podcast and FXGuidetv episodes continue to be a big resource for my vfx work.


    how Red One has behaved in different productions compared to other cameras like Genesis and so on. Not only that but the discussion ‘exposed’ a lot of information about the workflow of Red One that I’ve never heard in such detail before.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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