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    Hi everyone.

    Is someone aware which Sparks are supported for Flare ?

    If yes, which ones are they and what is their cost ?

    And since Flare is Flame ( but in stripped down version ), is the pricing the same as the one’s for Flame ?

    My gut feeling tells me that it should be substantially lower; …; but you never know.

    Thx for taking the time to read this post.


    Michael Baker

    All Flame sparks should work in Flare. Genarts are selling Sapphire at the full Flame cost as far as im aware.

    van lima

    Since Flare is meant as an offline tool, couldn’t you work with the demo version of sapphire with the watermark in Flare, and then when you process out in Flame with the fully licensed spark the watermark would be removed. What would the advantage be to buying a full license for Flare? Why would you need a full license for Flare when you can’t render from Flare? Or am I missing something?


    Actually, it is a support station, not offline and can render.
    To all intents and purposes it is a Flame, with no desktop, or archiving (Actually it is just Batch), so the question of Sparks licensing is a very interesting one. On the one hand I can see the Sparks vendors wanting to charge full Flame prices, however, I feel that there should be some hefty discounting, as you cannot have a Flare without first having a Flame license, you will have already paid the full Flame prices, so to ask people to stump up the full price again, (considering Flare is a software only solution and therefore much cheaper than a Flame),
    is asking to much IMO.



    Thx everyone for taking the time to express your opinions.

    What I gather then is that the next question would be:

    Would you buy a Flare license, knowing that there is no Sparks supporting it ?

    Since, accordingly to what we have heard from the people at autodesk, Flare is aimed to enhance the workflow compatibility between flame or inferno. Having no sparks for it, does not support that statement.

    Unless, you do not care if sparks are supported or not.

    PS: You need to be aware that at the time I write these lines, no Sparks are sold based around Flare. I have done some research and no vendor has pricing or licensing available for it.


    Michael Baker

    I think Spark suppliers probably need a bit of time to sort out pricing structures, Flare is kinda new to the market. Sparks do work with no problems on Flare.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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