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    Suggestion for a future ep of The RC:

    I was wondering if it was time for a post cinegear/NAB/CES/E3 roundup on where we are at with Red, Arri, Sony, P&S, Aaton and others.

    You generally do this every show, but I was thinking all at one time – comparing different cameras and specs: \’it\’s {inset month here} June 2011, and these are all the pro cameras worth talking about, and where they are up to…\’

    Everything changes (to quote someone) but it\’s hard to keep track of many things because of the sheer volume of posts on forums and news sites. But the RC has insider experience and knowledge, and you guys can cut through the bull to what\’s actually real.

    What specs are real and in the field (not what\’s promised), what\’s shipping for what street price? That kind of stuff. If it\’s not called Scarlet, will someone tell Ted (he\’s all over youTube calling that thing in his hand the S word)

    Perhaps you could let a product owner / renter / PR pimp give us a pitch on what their camera(s) actually do(es) for 5 minutes (P&S would be interesting if they have a working camera) and why we might invest or rent.

    Maybe you could ask them \”what does your camera actually do (now), what is it best suited for, what makes it unique/special/desirable?

    From your own experiences, you guys might follow up with what accessories do you consider important ie. lenses, rails, rigs, external recorder etc

    And I know the F65 is not technically out there yet, but I\’m pretty sure it\’s not vaporware, so just for the sake of drooling, I\’m happy to let some dude from Japan promise me the world for $??K Mr J did it, and look how well that turned out 🙂

    Much respect to the show and the effort you guys put in!


    Ok well we will look at doing that… we have just done a summary of Lenses – last week on SLR -Canon and this week we cover also PL mount – but a master camera summary could be interesting

    thanks for the kind words and comment also

    Shervin Shoghian

    Master camera summary is a good idea. Dealing only with cameras that actually exist 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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